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LJ moods

Question: How do I upload moods onto my Live Journal? I've hunted down a cool looking Gilmore Girls themed one and saved it to my desktop. Does anyone know how I can get it onto my LJ? Not that I don't enjoy the wee purple kittehs one I have at the moment, but it would be pretty nifty to have Gilmore Girls one instead.

Thank ye!!

And so it begins ... again

Five years ago on the 17th January 2006 I decided to leave Live Journal. I had had an account for just over a year, and had been encouraged by a few of my University friends to sign up. My entries weren't particularly exciting, the usual entries revolved around being over-worked, running low on money and my love affair with tea. 
However, towards the end of my experiment with Live Journal, my entries became decidedly emo as a relationship of mine took an ugly turn and I started to use LJ as my vehicle for my anger and bitterness. I discovered, in retrospect, that LJ was not the place for such emotional outbursts so I took the decision to close my account once and for all. 
This, clearly, would not be the end of my involvement with LJ. Yes, after months of discussion, I have finally been persuaded into starting a fresh account.
A blank slate which I feel is suitable given the fact I am in a new place in my life. New city, new friends and I have also picked up the fantastic ability to punctuate my sentences, which was decidedly lacking in my first account.
As yet I do not know how often I'll update this journal. But I am here nonetheless; still overworked, still running low on money and my love affair with tea continues unabated. I do, however, profess to being a little wiser and, I hope, a little less bitter.

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